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Why You Need To Start Your Own Blog?

The term ‘blogging’ has been derived from the two words ‘web logging’, which is nothing but sharing your diary or personal passion with others. There are many platforms in which blogging can be done by you and as a blogger, you have the right to choose your own options. Hence, they should know the difference between WP and blogger in order to make their right choice. Regarding this subject, the readers or the concerned bloggers can browse searchenginejournal.com to find out more about the opinions of experienced bloggers. WordPress (WP) is one of such popular platforms that help many bloggers from all parts of the world. Most of the novice bloggers often ask whether they should utilise the WP or Blogger which is another platform available for the blog lovers.

Who Owns Your Personal Blog?
This is the most frequently asked question among many bloggers. Interestingly, many of them are not aware of the perfect answer to this important question. In a simple sense, the platform Blogger is owned by the search engine Google, which is offered with excellent reliability and without any cost. It simply offers you the space to carry your contents. On the other hand, WP is run by the WordPress.

Reasons For Starting The Blog
There are several reasons one can give for starting a blog and for the benefit of the readers few of the valuable reasons are shared below. These reasons are not listed in any order of importance as every reason has its own merits.

Blogging Is Made Easy
Blogging is not rocket science but it needs a will to write or express your thoughts with the community or with your loved ones. Anyone who writes emails can able to run a blog of his or her own. Blogging is really easy and all you need is to put some passion and efforts. The main prerequisite of writing a blog is the communication skills as well as creating your thoughts in textual forms, along with or without pictures or videos. By using the blogging platforms such as WP or Blogger, your botheration of setting up a website is entirely eliminated. You need to customise your blog with the relevant themes.

Google Likes Blogs
Being a leader in the area of the search engine, Google simply loves blogs and crawls the blogging pages while listing them in its search operations. By this, you are likely to get better traffic to your blogging website. Such an action brings you new friends or prospects to your business.

Blogging Improves Your Inner Personality
There is no doubt any expression of your thoughts makes you be understood correctly by others. In fact, by writing a blog, you become a better person in the eyes of others as well as to your conscious. Blogging keeps you ahead of others especially in the area of getting new career opportunities.

Blogging Helps The Community
While sharing your knowledge through blogging, you are really helping the community. To cite an example, your blogging on the subject ‘mother care’ helps many women who need help or solution to raising their kids.